From PPC Bee to Dotidot

The future of effective marketing starts now.

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Why was Dotidot brought to life?

This story begins where one ends. Dotidot wasn't created overnight just to bring more purple into the world. There is a deeper purpose behind its existence.

It was no longer just about PPC
While we treasure our beginnings, PPC was no longer the sole focus at PPC Bee. We had liberate ourselves from the constraints of this name.
Not a tool anymore. Dotidot is the solution...
...that gets your marketing plans done. Transform and optimize your data. Launch advanced automation strategies. Measure and evaluate. Repeat. This is Dotidot's Circle of Success.
From local success to global impact
Dotidot is utilized by thousands of clients from over 50 countries worldwide. With our focus on global market, this number will continue to rise.
A more diverse client portfolio
Thriving in every industry. Dotidot's client portfolio covers agencies, e-commerce, services, comparison sites, and beyond.
Dotidot is here.
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Dotidot’s Circle of Success

Every step is powerful on its own. But combined together, they make the efficiency of your marketing skyrocket.
Feed management
Marketing Automation
Actionable analytics
It all starts with fine-tuned data.
Create top quality feeds within seconds.
Use our pre-build templates or create your own custom feed.
Optimize your product inventory.
Combine data in any way that suits your needs. There's no effective automation without good-quality data.
Enhance feeds containing any data with just a few clicks.
Website, sitemap, Analytics, Sheets... No programmer needed anymore.
Make product images stand out.
Thanks to Dotidot you can do whatever you want with your images.
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From one place, reach whole world with your entire portfolio.
Manage your performance marketing in single platform.
Dodidot features advertising systems such as Google, Microsoft, Sklik and Facebook but also comparison websites, RTBs and marketplaces.
Use automation strategies to beat your competion.
Everybody does performance marketing, but they haven't unlocked the potiental of automation. Get ahead and win the battle.
Dotidot does the labor and never sleeps.
Create automation rules and repetitive changes happen immediately. Anytime.
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You can't manage what you don’t measure and evaluate.
One insight of everything.
There is no need to check various reports across channels anymore. Dotidot has all of them.
Make actions right away.
Thanks to Dotidot's Actionable Analytics, you can fix or edit your campaigns immediately, with a single click.
Set your goals and see the progress.
Within our Analytics you can set up your custom goals and see whether your are underpeforming, or doing well.
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Dotidot is trusted by the world's famous brands